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State Compliance​

State Governance

State compliance for a charter school refers to adhering to the specific regulations and requirements set by the state education authorities. This includes meeting academic standards, following curriculum guidelines, and fulfilling financial and administrative obligations. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, loss of funding, or even the revocation of the school’s charter.

  1. Compliance: Cover Letter
  2. District/Campus Accountability
    1. Overall of 2019 TEA Accountability
    2. 2019 TEA Accountability Preliminary Rating 
    3. Texas Performance Reporting System:  2018-2019 TAPR
    4. TEA Website: http://tea.texas.gov/

The Charter School Performance Framework (CSPF) is intended to provide parents, the public, charter operators, as well as the charter authorizer with a snapshot of each charter’s academic, financial, and operational performance.Charter schools are encouraged to refer to the performance framework on a continuing basis in order to self-assess overall health and viability of their school throughout the charter term. The performance framework will be used to inform decisions that will help to identify schools that are candidates for replication, expansion, intervention, renewal, nonrenewal, or closure.

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