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A letter from our CEO

As the superintendent of Beatrice Mayes Institute, I am honored and grateful to welcome you all. It is a privilege I deeply cherish to serve as your leader, and I am thrilled as we approach the upcoming school year.

Our community exemplifies collaboration, resilience, and a dedication to academic excellence. Together, we have cultivated an environment that promotes growth, nurtures talents, and instills values that will shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Let us embark on this journey together and make the upcoming school year truly memorable.


Christopher Mayes, CEO

Our Leadership

B. Mayes,
C. Mayes,
Chief Executive Officer
T. Watts,
Chief Operating Officer
D. Johnson,
Chief Academic Officer

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Support our ongoing mission to empower our community through education, character development, and the provision of exceptional learning opportunities.

Let’s create a brighter future for the next generations.