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Their transition to BMI has been great. They were prepared upon entering Kindergarten. I like the class sizes, and the family feel. The education and curriculum have been exemplary. The teachers are engaging and show true concern for my children and their education.


We believe that to keep their enthusiasm for learning, it is important to provide extracurricular activities to prevent students from becoming disengaged.

Students participating in extracurricular activities can develop useful skills in their future personal and professional endeavors. Such skill sets include leadership, cultural knowledge, curiosity about the world, and teamwork skills.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

Members of the Gators Geared for Excellence Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) represent a very select group of students who display the best qualities of our student body. Students selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and service which they were initially selected.

Journalism Team

Journalism involves students working around school and providing the happenings around the campus and the community. Students document information and provide services for the yearbook. Students attend school ceremonies, sporting events, and cover in school activities, such as pep rallies and science fairs.

To join the Journalism Team at BMI, students must have excellent skills in technology. Each student must take journalism seriously. Students must maintain an average of 75% or better in all subject areas and maintain an “E” or “S” in conduct consistently.

Your Child Is Gifted.
Let BMI Discover Such Talents.

We believe that every student has a unique skill set that sets him or her apart from their peers. We offer extracurricular programs that can help students develop skills that perhaps are yet to be discovered.