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Say Goodbye to the STEAM Jitters

One of the major goals of BMI is to expose our students to the vast careers available in STEAM fields. Therefore, we have formulated a curriculum integration of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) 

STEAM Overview K-8TH

Each discipline from K-8th grade designs a STEAM activity based upon current teaching skills. Teachers facilitate these weekly projects to impact learning continuously. Moreover, each grade completes a STEAM-based assignment on a variety of topics.

One of our largest and most competitive areas of school performance is our Science Fair. Annually we host a three-tier competition (middle school – November; intermediate – January; elementary – March) seeking the most innovative minds for the future. Our top winners have explored the areas of hygiene, water pollution, effective plant growth and more. Judges from NASA, Chevron, and Conoco-Phillips are elated to volunteer their expertise to the future leaders in STEAM.

At Beatrice Mayes Institute,  students are creators and not just consumers of technology, all students take computer science, and creativity and imagination are just as integral to their education.

Engaging our students in solving problems is one of the best ways to teach them to think creatively. Problem-solving is a foundational element in both engineering and arts. But the true beauty of engineers is that they are constantly on the lookout for problems that need to be solved. So are artists. Engineers look at their world as a playground for improvement; artists look for ways to create something new. Combining these two guiding philosophies results in an explosive outcome: Create a classroom culture where inquiry and creative solutions are both valued

Art is essential to the STEAM initiative. Art can provide the opportunity to understand, explore, and experience the world around us in new ways.

Use math and art to bring out the best in your students. Math and art complement each other because they use color, shapes, patterns, and lines.  Art can also enhance student learning through critical thinking by allowing them to work on problems that don’t require mathematical explanations.

Help Our Students Embrace STEAM

If you are discovering that your child may have certain difficulties understanding material found in mathematics and the sciences, we encourage you to consider enrolling your child in our STEAM extracurricular program. Who knows, your child perhaps will consider a STEAM career!