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Their transition to BMI has been great. They were prepared upon entering Kindergarten. I like the class sizes, and the family feel. The education and curriculum have been exemplary. The teachers are engaging and show true concern for my children and their education.

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Beatrice Mayes Institute is one of the oldest African-American owned institutions in the Houston area. We are dedicated to serving our community and helping children achieve their professional and personal aspirations. Nonetheless, we welcome all students regardless of socio-economic or cultural background. We offer a safe and welcoming environment that will help students experience a sense of community and provide the resources necessary to help students thrive.

All students must receive the immunizations necessary to enroll at BMI. Without such immunizations, the student is not permitted to attend classes. You must show evidence that your child has received the vaccinations required for enrollment. We offer a form that details the immunizations necessary. If there are certain immunizations that for any reason your child cannot receive, please show medical exemptions from your child’s physician as evidence.

BMI earliest grade level is Kindergarten. If you are looking for a comprehensive early childhood education program, we would like to direct you to the Wonderland Private School.

This private school is available for parents with children ages 18 months to 4 years. The Wonderland Private School curriculum includes academic disciplines within science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. The curriculum also includes character building and creating strong moral foundations for students of this institution. Parents and/or legal guardians must pay tuition and other related fees to enroll in Wonderland Private School.

Students are required to wear uniforms at all times. Uniforms help students stay focused, as well as eliminating any pressure that students may face regarding appearances. To receive detailed information regarding our uniform policy, please refer to our student handbook on our resources page.

BMI uses an online payment system where you can pay for your child’s school expenses such as school fees, apparel and much more. Make your payment in 4 easy payments. First set up a RevTrack account using your email address and a password. Then select items to add to your shopping cart. After this step, add items to cart, and either click continue shopping or checkout. Finally, enter your payment method and complete your order. You are permitted to use debit and credit cards.

BMI believes in the value of extracurricular activities. They provide students with leadership skills, learn the value of teamwork, and provide students with a social outlet that helps them get to know other students outside the classroom. Some of the extracurricular activities that we provide include athletics, modern dance, choir, newspaper, and drama.

We offer parents and/or legal guardians with an extended care program. We offer both morning and evening care programs. Morning care for 1 child is $200. Evening care for 1 child is $300. Morning and evening care for 1 child is $400. Multiple children will receive a 10% discount per child. We will provide a form on the first day of school that parents can complete if they are seeking extended care for their child.

BMI strongly encourages parents to volunteer when they can. There are many volunteering opportunities that parents can take to improve the educational experience of a child. We have many school events, after-school programs, and field trips that require the need for volunteers. We will provide a form on the first day of school to students that parents can sign if they are seeking volunteering opportunities.

Parents and/or legal guardians must complete and sign a transcript request form. Some of the information that a parent or legal guardian must provide includes the relationship to a child, student’s grade level, homeroom teacher, and telephone number. All transcripts have a 48-hour turn around period.

All students will receive a packet with all the forms necessary to successfully enroll your child at BMI. If for any reason you did not receive a packet with some or any of the forms necessary, we have all of the forms that you can download, complete, print, and sign on our website on our resources page