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Their transition to BMI has been great. They were prepared upon entering Kindergarten. I like the class sizes, and the family feel. The education and curriculum have been exemplary. The teachers are engaging and show true concern for my children and their education.


Any parent or guardian will automatically become a member when their child is enrolled in BMI and should feel a responsibility in taking part in the activities of the school.

Our parents are exceptional in that they balance the demands of full-time careers, the responsibilities associated with family life and serve as active supporters of the school. One of our functions as an educational program is to support families who are very busy and whose extra time is often limited.

Parents have the opportunity to enhance the children’s program by volunteering in any capacity and to attend PTO meetings. A calendar, handouts, and newsletters will keep you informed about school activities. Please communicate any concerns or suggestions to the staff.

We want your ideas!

Our Open Door Policy

Parental and student involvement in school initiatives is considered an essential phase of the governance process. The BMI Charter School has an “open door” policy, and the administration is attentive to parental needs and concerns. 

Parents play a vital role in decision-making

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a national organization designed to forge an alliance between teachers and parents that will allow both parties the opportunity to independently articulate their needs and recommendations on various issues.

Parents are members of the Shared Decision-Making Committee. This Committee is a valuable input to the Board of Trustees on key school policy matters such as the budget, curriculum, developing business partner relationships and community involvement.

The PTO is exclusively responsible for sponsoring several important school events throughout the school year.

Be A Part of The Conversation

If you're interested in joining the PTO, or would like to learn more, contact us today!

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