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Their transition to BMI has been great. They were prepared upon entering Kindergarten. I like the class sizes, and the family feel. The education and curriculum have been exemplary. The teachers are engaging and show true concern for my children and their education.

Our students play an integral role in the success of BMI.

We are dedicated to making the academic experience of students positive and worthwhile.

We create a curriculum that will ensure success in the classroom and beyond. We provide athletic programs to help you develop skills in teamwork and leadership. We offer extracurricular activities to help stimulate minds and develop skills that perhaps you may not have discovered.

We do what we can to ensure that one day, you can look back to your scholastic experience with a smile. We hope that the education that you receive will be able to allow you to find success in a professional setting.

Gators, Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We are PROUD to have you as a BMI student and will work diligently to provide essential tools to help you succeed in your academic journey. 

Welcome to the Gator Family

Any questions that you may have about how you should be able to be an efficient and productive student at our institution can be found in our handbook.

Hands-on Experience