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Feeling Overwhelmed?


& Counseling

Balancing academics, extracurriculars, and personal challenges can be tough for students. We’re here to support them with counseling and resources to tackle their issues.

Explore common student concerns and find resources for parents to help their children succeed in school.


The Beatrice Mayes Institute does not tolerate any behavior that affects the safety of our students.

Bullying is defined as the verbal or physical harassment of a student performed by one student or group of students. If you believe your child is experiencing any form of bullying, please contact BMI instructors and administrators immediately.

This organization offers The Guide, a comprehensive list of all the mental health resources available for individuals living in the Houston area. All of these resources are low-cost and/or generally affordable to all.


Bullying includes harassment that students generate on online forums. If you believe another student or group is tormenting your child through mobile devices, digital platforms, and other technological devices, please contact BMI instructors and administrators immediately.

This website provides links to resources for parents and teens who are seeking for the guidance necessary to overcome challenges that are unique to them. Resources include information exclusively for the challenges of young men and women, as well as resources for parents that help them understand how to raise adolescent children in today’s world.