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Cellphone & Chromebook Policy

Cell phones, I-Pods, I-Pads, and other electronic devices are typically very expensive and we strongly encourage these items are left at home to avoid theft or loss. With so many children carrying various technology devices, they have become a major source of class disruption. A common example is the use of camera phones which can provide new opportunities for cheating.

Note: This is taken from our Student Handbook, you may view the information there as well.

In-School Phone Policy

If a student chooses to bring any type of electronic device to school, it must be turned off during the school day (7:30 am-4:00 pm) and secured in the student’s locker (3rd -8th) or backpack (K-2nd). Confiscated devices (those used without permission, ringing (cell phone) during the school day, etc.,), may be retrieved by student’s parents from the front office.

There are no special exceptions:

Students must not ask a teacher to retrieve cell phones or try to explain to administrators why they need it. Once a student’s phone has been confiscated, the front office can only release it to a parent.

As a Courtesy Warning:

BMI will do everything possible to ensure the safe collection of a phone or electronic device picked up from a student in violation of the school rules. However, BMI will not be financially responsible for any phone or electronic device or the replacement of that phone or device if it becomes missing from the school premises. Again, we strongly encourage students to keep expensive electronic devices at home.

Word to the Wise:

We devote every possible human resource to teaching and learning. While theft is an important issue, we must limit the time devoted to investigating a report unless there is timely and factual information associated with the potential culprit.


School authorities may seize any contraband, substance, material, or object, the possession of which is illegal violates a school rule or poses a hazard to the safety and good order of the school. Students shall not bring these items to school or any school-sponsored function.

  1. Authority to Conduct a Search: The law allows school authorities to search students, their
    lockers, and their personal property when they reasonably suspect that a particular student is in possession of something prohibited by the school or law.
  2. General Inspection: School authorities reserve the right to make general inspections of lockers for purposes including but not limited to safety, cleanliness, retrieval of school material, and maintenance. Such general inspections shall not include searching personal property in lockers, clothing, bags, or purses unless reasonable and specific suspicion exists.
  3. Lockers and Desk Inspection: All lockers and desks provided for students by the school
    are subject to inspection, maintenance, and search.
  4. Personal Searches: A student’s person and/or personal belongings (bags, purses, etc.) may be searched when school authorities reasonably suspect that the student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized items.

Refusal by any student of a search and seizure by school authorities shall be subject to disciplinary action. School authorities shall detain the student pending the notification and/or arrival of the student’s parent/guardian and/or local authorities.